The 2020 edition encompases the latest capital improvements, signal changes and track/signal renewal, including the TS-GCT Shuttle reconfiguration, Second Avenue Subway and more signaling details.

As with past editions, Grand Central, the Park Avenue tunnels and Penn Station maps are also included.


Yard notes have been changed to reflect fleet changes on all divisions, signal numbers have been updated and notes on ongoing construction projects have been made.

As always, the main thrust of the book are the black & white track maps, showing every station, every track and all yard leads, all with their respective track numbers. The book is now 160 pages in length, spiral-bound in 8 1/2 x 11" format.


In this edition you will find every mainline track, every one of the system's yards, tracks of the Staten Island Railway, underground portions of the PATH system in New York and New Jersey, Grand Central, Penn Station, and the JFK AirTrain. Also included are route separation home signals and details of the system's most complicated interlockings (like DeKalb Avenue, 47-50th St, West 4th Street, East New York, Atlantic Avenue, 125th St./Lexington Ave. and many more).


There is an exhaustive description of track signaling, an expanded introduction and three pages of colour signals. The book also includes details on abandoned tracks and stations, radio frequencies, whistle and buzzer codes and many other useful goodies. It's a must for any serious subway buff, railfan or straphanger who loves to know about the operations of the world's largest subway system.

2020 Print Edition

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