New this year

This year's biggest changes are the inclusion of the original IRT's 147th St. Yard complex, a detailed closeup of the BMT DeKalb Avenue/Gold St. interlocking as it existed prior to 1959, and—finally—Grand Central Madison's tracks have been added! In addition, the LIRR's Atlantic Branch is new in 2024, the initial layout of Chambers St. station on the BRT along with the never-used ramps to the Brooklyn Bridge, a detailed closeup of the Brooklyn Jockey Club's BRT racetrack spur off the Brighton Line (and the corresponding LIRR terminal as well), and two pages of planned-but-never-build IND extensions.

Of course, all the latest changes have been incorporated, including more signals, more historical notes, and a handful of corrections were added this year. Here's a sample of the IRT 147th St. yard and shops.

IRT 147th St. Yard